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Join us in the discussion with the former Secretary of Finance during the Ramos Administration, Dr. Roberto F. de Ocampo, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Philippine Veterans Bank on the future of ASEAN Community hundred years from now.

The future of energy is a new value chain augmented and interconnected by digital technologies, where both power and information flow in multiple directions, all actors add value to the system, and the overall efficiency and resilience of the system hinge on information sharing, openness, collaboration, coordination, and the right set of incentives.   The end result will be a system that provides electricity in the most reliable, sustainable and economic manner.

Mr. Alex Boome will discuss about the Hinrich Foundation Sustainable Trade Index. Which shows how International trade has become fundamental to economic growth and in doing so, has helped to lift hundreds of millions out of poverty. But it is not without costs and risks. The flow of goods and services across borders can disrupt labour markets, accelerate environmental degradation, and contribute to worsening inequality.

Join us in our upcoming Tourism and Hospitality Committee briefing and know more about current in-flight security and safety tips!

How is the Philippines doing now under the new administration? Learn about the status of the economy under the current administration of the country from the renowned economist and “Prophet of Boom”, Dr. Bernardo Villegas. About the Speaker Dr. Bernardo Villegas Professor and Senior Economist, University of Asia and the Pacific Mr. Bernardo Malvar Villegas is (more…)

Join us at the next IPR Committee meeting as we hear from our expert guest speaker Special Agent John Kim from the FBI Headquarters in Washington D.C. on the exciting areas of Cybecrime and Cybersecurity.

List of events