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Join us in our upcoming Tourism and Hospitality Committee briefing and know more about current in-flight security and safety tips!

How is the Philippines doing now under the new administration? Learn about the status of the economy under the current administration of the country from the renowned economist and “Prophet of Boom”, Dr. Bernardo Villegas. About the Speaker Dr. Bernardo Villegas Professor and Senior Economist, University of Asia and the Pacific Mr. Bernardo Malvar Villegas is (more…)

Join us at the next IPR Committee meeting as we hear from our expert guest speaker Special Agent John Kim from the FBI Headquarters in Washington D.C. on the exciting areas of Cybecrime and Cybersecurity.

The World Bank Manila office recently launched the Philippines Economic Update (PEU), April Edition on 13 April 2017. The PEU provides brief summary of key economic and social developments and crucial policy changes over the past six months in the country. The PEU likewise covers issues ranging from macroeconomic management to financial market dynamics to (more…)

Mr. Alex Boome will discuss about the Hinrich Foundation Sustainable Trade Index. Which shows how International trade has become fundamental to economic growth and in doing so, has helped to lift hundreds of millions out of poverty. But it is not without costs and risks. The flow of goods and services across borders can disrupt labour markets, accelerate environmental degradation, and contribute to worsening inequality.

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Technology has always been a spark for change. Today technology is increasingly inside everything; data volumes are rising and connectivity has become pervasive, used by cloud services that fuel intelligent action. The opportunity to think and operate like a digital company is disrupting markets, shaping growth, and providing the catalyst for new business models, products, and services.

Learn more about the economic outlook for the Philippines from industry experts from the Bank of the Philippine Islands and J.P. Morgan Chase and Co. About the Speaker Mr. Cezar P. Consing President and CEO, Bank of the Philippine Islands Cezar “Bong” Consing has been President and CEO of Bank of the Philippine Islands (“BPI”) since (more…)

Liter of Light is dedicated in providing affordable, sustainable solar lighting to people in off-grid areas who live in the darkness. By using recycled plastic bottles and other locally sourced materials, Liter of Light has created easy-to-make bottle lights.  Thousands of these bottle lights have been installed not only in the Philippines but also in more than 15 countries to illuminate homes, businesses and streets.

The PDIC is a regulatory body attached to the Department of Finance created in 1963 by virtue of Republic Act 3591 for the provision of insurance benefits to all banks, branches, and subsidiaries of foreign banks operating in the Philippines.  In 2015, PDIC signed a cross-border agreement with the Financial Services Compensation Scheme Limited (FSCS) of the United Kingdom.  Likewise, on 2014, PDIC entered into a cross-border partnership with the Korean Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Deposit Protection Agency of Thailand.

Learn from the National Competitiveness Council Co-Chairman Bill Luz on how will the Ease of Doing Business Act help create a business-conducive environment, cut the red-tape, and eliminate redundant regulations in the country.

List of events