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PhilEXIM is a sovereign guarantor extending credit, export insurance and related services to business entities in order to develop the Philippine export industry and facilitate investment in strategic sectors of the economy.

Join the Human Capital Resources Committee Meeting about LinkedIn and how you can leverage the use of the platform for your career growth. 

The Lean Startup Method (“Lean”), pioneered in Silicon Valley, provides a three-step process for entrepreneurs to create and refine an idea for a new venture. First, they enumerate their initial idea as a series of hypotheses for a complete business model. Second, they conduct open-ended interviews with potential customers to efficiently but imprecisely validate or alter their hypotheses.

The Bureau of Customs’ Manila Port Development project hopes to develop a world-class maritime trading district that would provide a highly modernized, integrated customs and port operations facilities and services to include a premier international trade and transshipment hub within the Asia-Pacific Region.

Approximately 60 percent of Filipinos die without seeing a doctor. This is very ironic since the country produces the best nurses and doctors– providing quality healthcare in developed countries.  Further, all public health programs have failed to attract nurses and doctors to pursue their practice in the rural areas because young healthcare professionals are more comfortable in an urban setting. 

The Legislative Committee conducts a monthly meeting to discuss and analyze legislative interests of  the business sector. The Committee reports the status of business related legislation in the Philippine Congress, executive orders, and Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRRs) of various bills in the Philippines. Further, the Committee prepares statements on key policies concerning AmCham members.

Join the Energy and Power Committee Meeting this March 20 as the panelists talk about Fuel Energy Mix.

The Philippines is vulnerable to natural disasters which cause devastation on crops and miseries to agricultural producers and lenders of agricultural credit. In this meeting, we will learn from the former Secretary of Agriculture, Congressman Arthur Yap, on how we can utilize crop insurance.

List of events