AmCham Advocacies

A Holistic Approach in Developing the Community

The advocacy initiatives of AmCham aim to empower people through education, increased self-confidence, improved community awareness, increased sector understanding/performance, and improved Filipino and American business relationships.

The Arangkada Philippines Project (TAPP) is a comprehensive advocacy paper intended to share recommendations leading to the creation of $75 billion in new foreign investment, 10 million jobs and over one trillion pesos in revenue for the Philippine economy within this decade. In an increasingly interlinked and competitive world, accelerating growth is an imperative, not a choice. Based on estimates, to achieve these results, the country must focus on more rapid development of the Big Winner Sectors and move twice as fast!

Integrity Initiative is primarily engaged in a long-term private sector-led campaign to promote common ethical and acceptable integrity standards in the business community and among various societal sectors. It aims to continue Project SHINE’s goal of creating a certification and accreditation system that will provide competitive advantages to compliant companies, based on their ethical ways of doing business and strict integrity standards.

The annual Business Leadership Program (BLP) is designed to provide interaction between students and AmCham member companies. It provides student leaders a peek into the inner workings of some of the country’s top American and multinational companies, which inspires the participants into becoming committed professionals in the future.

The American Desk (AmDesk) at the Board of Investments (BOI) advocacy program started in 1992 with the end goal of providing pre-investment assistance to US investors. It also advocates business reforms and liberalization that are key interests to American businesses to the Philippines. Further, it acts as the Chamber’s main liaison office for government affairs and all investment related concerns.

The Filipino-American Memorial Endowment, Inc. (F.A.M.E.) is a non stock, non-profit foundation which aims to help preserve and maintain tangible reminders  of the shared values for which American, Filipinos and their allies fought in World War II. Its efforts are focused on raising funds to support maintenance of Filipino-American monuments in the Philippines. The Foundation is incorporated both in the Philippines and the United States.