26 Tue Mar
26 Tue Mar

The agriculture sector in the country is one of the most challenging in terms of development. As a major agricultural country, we still import more agricultural products from neighboring countries. Modernizing the agricultural landscape of the Philippines is one of the dreams of every administration. This sector, when develop, will have abundant contribution in alleviating poverty and inequality. Discussion on efficient facilities and farm to market roads are still up in the table. In years 2000 through 2015, the sector only grew by 2.5 percent annually, and in 2015 at only 0.13 percent.

With this, AmCham endeavors to spearhead discussion and dialogues amongst private sector, government, and other stakeholders. The agribusiness committee of AmCham will hold its first roundtable discussion scheduled on March 26, 12 NN to 2 PM, in promoting and strengthening the agribusiness climate in the Philippines. The committee envisions fulfilling the following goals:

  1. To discuss current trends of the agribusiness landscape in the Philippines
  2. Serves as a venue for dialogues between private sectors and government
  3. To serves as a key player in promoting and advancing agribusiness in the country
  4. Address relevant concerns of the committee members and non-committee members who wishes to be part of the committee
  5. Collaborate with other stakeholders in terms of strengthening resources and technology investment of other countries in the Philippines

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