11 Tue Sep
11 Tue Sep
VENUE: Makati, Philippines

What does it take to strengthen the pipeline of global-ready leaders from Asia? Are there specific stalls next generation leaders need to overcome to be successful in large organizations? Are there practices we can learn from organizations who are ahead of the curve on local Asian leader development? What is the role of organizations, incumbent leaders, and HR departments in accelerating the development of Asian leaders?

These questions and more will be addressed in the talk highlighting key challenges organizations face in developing a global-ready leadership pipeline and best-demonstrated practices in developing a compelling leadership cadre. Attendees will discover the research results of in-depth interviews with 120 global CXOs and gain an understanding of:

  • Why we must prepare our local Asian leaders to be global ready
  • What stalls the growth of a strong local leadership pipeline
  • Strengths Asian leaders bring to the table
  • Critical capabilities for success in a cross-cultural environment