12 Tue Nov
12 Tue Nov

The Chamber’s Tourism and Hospitality Committee always believed in the potential of the Philippines as a Travel and Tourism destination. It is worthy to note that the Philippines is blessed with incomparable natural wonders, welcoming people, tropical climate and delectable cuisines, in other words- the Philippines is a hotpot that makes a complete travel destination. However, it is surprising that compared to our neighbors in the region, the Philippines remains behind in the number of travelers we accommodate every year.

The Chamber has always been committed to support effective government strategies and private sector initiatives that promotes sustainable and inclusive growth not only in the Tourism industry but more importantly, to local communities.

In line with the Chamber’s Tourism and Hospitality Committee Theme for the year: “Enhancing Philippine Travel and Tourism Competitiveness through Public and Private Sector Cooperation”, the committee is organizing a luncheon with the topic “Building Sustainable Communities through Eco-Tourism” at the AmCham Hall, Makati City.

The committee luncheon will provide a platform for, industry leaders, business groups and other stakeholders, to discuss opportunities for the county’s tourism sector, as well as share solutions and best practices that would enhance ways to promote and develop more sustainable communities in rural areas of the country. Moreover, the event ultimately aims to build partnerships among key stakeholders in mounting long-term and effective approaches in improving the country’s travel ratings.