19 Tue Mar
19 Tue Mar

The world is continuously transforming to the throb of digital revolution. Artificial intelligence and other cyber-physical systems are slowly taking over the way businesses run. It is a do or die game that if you don’t adapt, you lose.

The Information & Communications Technology Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, (AMCHAM) will host a series of industry briefings as part of the “Digital Innovation Series”. The series intend to tackle the Philippine industrial competitiveness and how businesses embrace the challenges brought about by today’s technologically driven arena. First on this series, we will look into the “Philippine Banking Industry”.

For many industries, including banks, digital innovation continuously changes market climate and consumer expectations. Now, the Philippine Banking industry is challenged to rethink the way they do business in order to stay relevant; to remain competitive; to provide efficient services and most importantly attract new customers. Moreover, as the Philippine moves closer into digital banking, banks should also look into ways on how to secure and protect their clients.

This industry briefing/ committee meeting will convene industry leaders, policy makers and digital experts to discuss the status, challenges, trends and opportunities in the Philippine banking industry. The event will feature new banking technologies and showcase best practices by model banks.