28 Thu Feb
28 Thu Feb

According to recent reports, Manila is becoming more and more uninhabitable to people as years go by. The miasma of the air caused by car and industrial emissions and the polluted rivers and waterways caused by improper waste management by establishments and households has become a huge problem affecting not only the health of a community but the country’s productivity as a whole.

The American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (AMCHAM) greatly values the importance of Environmental Sustainability in Nation Building. It is worthy to note that a country’s well being is always linked to the state of its natural environment.

In line with this, AMCHAM’s Environment and Urban Development Committee is organizing a committee event with the title “Enhancing Waste Management in Pursuit to Environmental Sustainability”. The briefing aspires to tackle waste management challenges and showcase innovative and rejuvenating approach to managing solid/water wastes in order to infuse sustainability in the nation’s lifestyle.

To supplement, the committee briefing also provides a platform for government, businesses, civil groups and key stakeholders to discuss waste management challenges in urban areas of the Philippines. The event will also showcase best practices from model communities.