12 Thu Mar
12 Thu Mar

As defined by the World Health Organization, Genomics is the study of genes and their functions, and related techniques. In contrast to genetics, genomics addresses all genes and their inter relationships in order to identify their combined influence on the growth and development of the organism.

In this day and age, new and cutting-edge tools in medicine become more accessible, giving Filipinos the opportunity to explore their options when it comes to medical procedures and approaches. Genomics is starting to gain attention and has been viewed as the future of medicine in the Philippines. As mentioned by Department of Science and Technology Secretary Fortunato dela Peña, “[Genomics] will allow us to check whether the drugs we are using for our patients really work for them. This will result in health professionals having the ability to develop medicines that will fit the individual needs of every Filipino.”

For the March meeting, the Healthcare and Wellness Committee would like to invite you to a meeting entitled “Genomics: The Future of Healthcare in the Philippines” with guest speaker Jeffrey Seitz, founder and CEO of PHIX GENOMICS on March 12, 2020, 12-2 PM at the AmCham Hall. The meeting will be a discussion on the use of genomics, biotech and digital imaging technologies, its benefits, and showcase ways on how genomics can potentially change the way we do healthcare.