17 Tue Sep
17 Tue Sep

Despite the implementation of the Clean Air Act or Republic Act No. 8749 20 years ago quality air remains to be one of the major environmental issues faced by many Filipinos. The fight towards having better air quality is becoming more challenging with the increasing number of vehicles on the roads and the continuous emission of hazardous chemicals in the atmosphere. Furthermore, many health problems such as lung diseases, asthma, and respiratory infections are closely linked to air pollution. Unfortunately, no one is safe from the issue of air quality and if no action will be done, the health and quality of life of Filipinos will surely be affected.

We know what the problem is, but what exactly are we doing to help improve the air quality in the metro?

This month, AmCham’s Healthcare and Wellness Committee, together with the Environment & Urban Development Committee, will tackle the different environmental laws in place and implementation plans initiated by the public and private sector to combat the worsening air quality in Manila. The discussion will also revolve around possible partnerships between the public sector and some of the country’s biggest private institutions to alleviate the worsening air pollution in the country.