31 Wed Jul
31 Wed Jul

Mindanao is considered the major breadbasket of the country with still so much untapped natural resources. Davao region, being predominantly agricultural-based, has banana as its primary agricultural commodity. Principal exporters that contribute billions of pesos to the Philippine economy are also situated in the region. To date, a total of 1.03 billion kg of Cavendish bananas are exported with a value of US$ 469.7 million. China, Japan, Iran, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia are just some of the markets for this exported commodity.

However, the region is faced with various challenges such as dry season, heavy rains, insurgencies, furasium wilt (Panama disease), etc. that affect major exporters in producing quality exports and meeting the demands of the international market. The most pressing concern of the sector is the tariff imposed by one of the markets (Republic of Korea) on the country’s exported bananas. Negotiations are on-going to come up with a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) favorable to both parties.

To voice concerns and opinions from multi-sector stakeholders, AmCham will host an industry-based consultation to discuss the opportunities and challenges of existing FTAs and its effect on the exporters in the region, widen market access, and ultimately provide critical inputs and deliver industry views to the government on trade issues.


  • Trade group and business sector
  • Exporters association
  • Government and policy makers
  • Labor group or association
  • Banks and funding organizations
  • Economists
  • Export enthusiasts and SMEs