23 Fri Aug
23 Fri Aug

The Unreal Campaign is International Trademark Association (INTA’s) consumer awareness initiative designed to educate young consumers (ages 14-23) about the importance of trademarks, brands, and the dangers of counterfeit products. The Campaign has successfully reached nearly 40,000 students directly since its launch in 2012.

With the help of 90+ INTA members, the Unreal Campaign Committee focuses on educating students through online and direct engagement initiatives in North America, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

What happens when you buy counterfeit products? Patronizing counterfeiting and piracy deprives the rightful owners and designers the full benefits of their creativity. It means the loss of revenue to real businesses, the loss of jobs, and most importantly, deprivation of basic safety and security due to the fact that these products did not go through regulatory checks by legitimate government agencies. AmCham’s IPR Committee held series of campaign in Manila. The first one was with Asia Pacific College last April 12, 2018 with almost 100 APC students. The second one was held in Enderun Colleges last November 28, 2018. AmCham seeks to go around the Chapters of AmCham to further promote the campaign.

On August 22, the IPR Committee will bring the campaign to the newest member of AmCham in North Luzon- The Gentry International School. We have gathered speakers from the INTA UNREAL Campaign Committee and different corporate brand owners, who will discuss IP rights, the importance of protecting IP in the Philippine economy, and the adverse consequences of buying counterfeit products.