18 Wed Sep
18 Wed Sep

For 20 years now, Knowledge Channel Foundation Inc., (KCFI) has been known for spearheading various projects towards strengthening basic education in the Philippines. It has innovated education and learning through the use of technology and multimedia, making learning more accessible and engaging for the audience. KCFI now develops its own multimedia learning resources: from curriculum-based shows to online games, e-learning modules and session guides. These can be accessed by public schools through various platforms: ABS-CBN TV Plus, Sky Cable, Sky Direct, portable media libraries, and KCFI’s website and social media accounts.

They also conduct the Learning Effectively through Enhanced and Evidence-based Pedagogies (LEEP), an intensive three-day training for teachers which empowers them to engage in active learning, learner-centered-approaches, adopting a growth mindset, and integrating multimedia and technology in classrooms.

For the October Education Committee meeting, we will be tackling the current landscape of education in terms of innovative and digital learning and the role of multimedia and technology in learning and reshaping basic education in the Philippines.