23 Tue Apr
23 Tue Apr

Eleven years since the Supreme Court ordered an all-inclusive clean-up of Manila Bay, a massive rehabilitation campaign was launched by the DENR together with other government agencies and local government units surrounding the bay.

It is worthy to note that Manila Bay constantly plays a huge role in shaping Manila and its surrounding provinces as it is from then and now, where local fisher folks get their livelihood; where majority of trade passes; where ports are located; and where we receive cruise visitors. Thus, it is just important that we take a stance to rehabilitate and bring this vital body of water back to life.

As The American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (AMCHAM) greatly value the importance of Environmental Sustainability in Nation Building, the chamber will continuously support effective policies and initiatives towards sustainability and development, keeping in mind that a country’s well being is always linked to the state of its natural environment.

In line with this, AMCHAM’s Environment and Urban Development Committee is organizing a committee event with the title “The Manila Bay Challenge: Rehabilitation and Sustainability”. The briefing aspires to hear government updates and future plans in sustaining the rehabilitation efforts for the bay. To supplement, the committee briefing also provides a platform for government, businesses, civil groups and key stakeholders to discuss new environmental policies that would help sustain the drive of the government towards environmental sustainability . The event will also showcase best practices from model communities.