Wellness and Preventive Medicine for Executives

  • July 24, 2018
    12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Hazel Zuellig, MD, MBA, FPNA
Neurologist & Director
Centre Médicale Internationale


People are living longer these days.


That is a fact. And this is due to improving lifestyles and better access to quality medical care. Most of the dreaded diseases of the modern world are preventable, if only risk factors are picked up and controlled early on. So when one is at the peak of one’s career, health must be regarded as an asset that needs to be protected. Heart attack, stroke, diabetes, dementia and even cancer are just some of the diseases that can be avoided by maintaining a good lifestyle and close monitoring of one’s overall health.


Never before has preventive medicine been regarded as both fashionable and prudent. Everyone talks about it, everyone knows it is important, but little is being done towards it.


In a busy executive’s stressful life where there seems to be not enough time to attend to everything, health is often set aside, never prioritized. This brief talk is all about the importance of wellness, of a balanced lifestyle, of preventive medicine, and how to easily incorporate all of these in our busy lives.