Supporting Businesses through Effective Infrastructure for Hybrid Cloud Workloads

by | Jul 25, 2020 | Uncategorized

The American Chamber of Commerce Philippines, in partnership with Integrated Communications System (ICS) and Dell Technologies, hosted an interesting and interactive webinar entitled “Supporting Businesses through Effective Infrastructure for Hybrid Cloud Workloads” last July 8.

Mr. Justin Salvador, Systems Engineer at Dell Technologies, talked about how multi-cloud deployments impact Hybrid IT strategy. He mentioned that 94% of businesses are using cloud as of 2019 and that multi-cloud agility requires matching workloads and IT infrastructure. He also shared a study that Dell Technologies performed with Forrester Consulting Firm wherein they found out that modern infrastructure is the foundation for transforming an organization’s business environment. Having the right infrastructure in place allows companies to market their services 22% faster, reduces downtime by 27%, and lessens time spent on security incidents by 19%.

Meanwhile, Mr. Barry Reginaldo, Network Systems Engineer at Dell Technologies, talked about the latest hardware releases by Dell Technologies. He also discussed the three key components that allow the Dell EMC SD-WAN solution to manage an overall wide area network (WAN) from anywhere, even through your smartphone. This simple yet smart solution helps organizations manage their WAN better while assuring out-class application performance. Aside from the simplified management, the Dell EMC SD-WAN will also be able to manage on-ramp to the cloud and support Internet connectivity through cable, 3G, 4G LTE, 5G, and broadband.

Lastly, Mr. Ernest Chai, Channel Director of the Modern Data Center for Dell Technologies Asia Pacific and Japan, spoke about the importance of infrastructure for hybrid cloud workloads. He shared figures on how organizations are reporting cloud repatriation activities, most notable of which is that 77% of organizations have repatriated a cloud-resistant mission-critical workload. Chai added that the top concerns include concerns on data security, the potential for lock in, and increasing costs of managing data. As customers demand public cloud alternatives, Mr. Chai talked about Dell Technologies’ PowerStore that solves the concerns mentioned above.

Omnipay Chief Compliance Officer Mr. Stephen Cutler moderated the Q&A that came after the three speakers. During this session, Ms. Mary Ann Felix also had the opportunity to introduce their company, Integrated Computer Systems, Inc., which has been providing IT solutions for four decades. ICS played a critical role in revamping IT industries of several countries and economies from the mainframe to the internet of things (IoT) era.

When asked about importance of ICS for businesses in Philippines to keep on growing in such turbulent times, Felix replied that the current pandemic allowed their company to bring forward solutions that will help businesses deal with the sudden changes, most especially the shift to mostly working from home and the transition from workload on-ramp to workload on-cloud.

ICS and Dell Technologies also gave away three e-vouchers worth Php 2000, Php 1,500 and Php 1,000 to wrap up the online event.