TAPP Advocacy and Research Specialist


Job Summary:

The Advocacy and Research Specialist (ARS) assists the TAPP Senior Advisor, AmCham Executive Director, and TAPP Senior Legislative Specialist in advocacy work which involves monitoring aspects of the Philippine investment climate, including level of foreign direct investment flows, ease of doing business, national competitiveness, government legislation and policies supporting the improvement of the business, economic, and investment environment of the seven “Big Winner” sectors of the JFC.

Moreover, the ARS assists in mobilizing and coordinating with other foreign chambers and Philippine business groups on common reform issues, and liaising with the national government and its agencies. She/He may be asked to research and write reports and advocacy papers on TAPP reform issues and ensure their proper approval and dissemination.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Supports the main advocacies of TAPP, focusing on those assigned to you under the sectors of Arangkada 2010 and its subsequent publications. Follow developments for the sections of Arangkada for which you are assigned;

2. Assist the TAPP Senior Adviser and Senior Legislative Specialist with:

a. Conducting and writing economic and policy research, as assigned;
b. Preparing and distributing letters and position papers;
c. Coordinating meetings and liaising with TAPP advocacy partners and senior government officials;
d. Manage preparation, publication and distribution of policy briefs, as assigned;
e. Schedule meetings with senior officials to discuss TAPP advocacies; and
f. Take notes and prepare highlights and coordinate follow-on actions.

3. Serve as overall lead for the annual Arangkada Philippines Forum.

4. Update figures and tables in the sections of Arangkada in the website including infrastructure project trackers as assigned.

5. Assist in the preparation of reports for submission to development partners:

a. Weekly Report
b. Noteworthy Documents
c. Quarterly Performance Report
d. Final Report (organize and edit)

6. Prepare reports in prescribed formats and consistent with the approved style manuals used by TAPP.

7. Other relevant tasks given by the TAPP Senior Adviser.


Interested individuals should have a master’s degree in social science, be familiar with political economy reform issues, and be aware of domestic and international current affairs.

She/he must be skillful in research and analysis, speaking and writing in English, and proficient in using MS Office applications and the internet as a research and communication tool.

Applicant must also be a team player and possess good networking and interpersonal skills. Experience in project management is desirable.

Application Procedure:

Please email a copy of your resume with a recent ID picture to carol@amchamphilippines.com with “TAPP Advocacy and Research Specialist” in the subject line and a short cover email message of application.

The interested applicant must be available to start work as soon as possible.

Information Technology (IT) Specialist

Job Summary:

The IT Specialist is responsible for managing and directing the day-to-day information systems and technology programs and services which meet the needs of AmCham and its affiliates. It also manages the day-to-day activities of IT contractors and service providers.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Install and configure networks. Responsible for maintaining servers and networks, performing setup, enhancement, and maintenance tasks. He/she should ensure that employees’ work stations can successfully connect to networks and access business-critical data at all times. They will also configure network security settings and connect peripheral devices, like printers and scanners that are used by multiple users.

•  Address any urgent or emergency issues pertaining to equipment or users when required.

Manage databases/Association platform software. Responsible for building and maintaining an organization’s database architecture that data is correctly stored and easily accessible. This involves setting up data storage and retrieval protocols, adjusting permissions, and maintaining data security and integrity during migrations, backups, and day-to-day use to support enterprise-wide database access.

•  Test new additions to any database, whether adding fields to a table or updating the appearance of a specific window before making the changes live.
•  Oversee accuracy and accountability of the CRM database

Provide user support. Responsible for providing direct support to users across the organization. This includes helping set up hardware or software, diagnosing connectivity or data access problems, answering questions about hardware or software, and helping users access shared drives and devices.

Manage information security. Responsible for maintaining information security throughout the organization which includes monitoring access logs and database security procedures. He/She is required to set up antivirus programs at work stations, develop policies for email security, and perform periodic data audits and backups to prevent information loss and unauthorized access.

•  Develop and maintain all technical documentation regarding basic features and functionality for various software applications.

Troubleshoot systems and hardwares. Responsible for troubleshooting systems and hardware, particularly after server migration or an organization-wide update. The IT specialist identifies issues with new hardware or software and works with users or on the back end of servers to quickly resolve those issues and prevent delays. He/She is required to prepare reports on hardware and software issues as part of this role.

•  Assist with software, hardware upgrades and server updates.
Website Maintenance. Responsible for updating and uploading text, images and other minor changes to AmCham’s website pages; ensuring content management system, including plugins and themes are working; conducting monthly website back-up; providing minor website security scans; responding to minor troubleshoot and website issues.

•  Provide technical expertise to evaluate changing technologies to improve services, contain costs, and meet long-term Chamber business and operating strategies.
•  Consult and advise staff and Chamber Affiliates on information technology needs and problems
•  IT Systems Monitoring
•  Help extract data and provide analytics as required
•  Other related tasks as required.


– Association Management Software (GlueUp)
– Zoom Accounts
– Networks and Servers
– Internet and Connections
– Cloud Storage (PLDT)
– Data Archiving
– Website Admin
– Email Admin


•  Has 4-year degree in Computer Sciences or equivalent is preferred; At least 2 years’ experience in similar role is required.
•  Any I.T. Certificates is a plus.
•  Thorough knowledge of Information Technology Infrastructure and Network.
•  Thorough knowledge of SQL Databases is preferred.
•  Ability to write detailed technical documentation from basic items for users to highly detailed documentation concerning data transactions.
•  Proficient in several programming languages.
•  Experienced writing codes.
•  Has a great deal of knowledge about hardware and software configuration for servers, networks, computers, and peripherals.
•  Extensive familiarity with information security practices and procedures.
•  Should be creative and technical problem-solvers.
•  Should have an excellent time management skills.

Application Procedure:

Please email a copy of your resume with a recent ID picture to rachel@amchamphilippines.com with “IT Specialist” in the subject line and a short cover email message of application.

The interested applicant must be available to start work as soon as possible.